Who Can Resist?!

Who can resist this lovely story? After Darcy’s Grandmother dies, she travels to Texas to take over her Grandmother’s business.  After leaving the city, Darcy quickly finds herself living in a much smaller town, and finds a new kindling romance after breaking off the relationship with the guy she left back home. However, Darcy finds herself doubting her ability to be successful and wonders if she will be able to keep up the business she inherited.

I loved this book right from the beginning. The cover is gorgeous, which made me want to pick up the novel from the first place (I know, never judge a book by it’s cover, right?)! The story line is easy to follow, and the characters are extremely easy to relate to. I found this book very engaging and must admit that I had trouble putting it down.I would recommend this Christian fiction novel to anyone who is looking for a fun, quick reading fix.

Bonus!– This is book one in the series, which means more enchanting novels are yet to follow! Very much looking forward to Castillo’s upcoming books.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for my opinion and review.


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